Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Who's the Bully?

The arrogant captain of the Australian cricket team and his backers, who are rightly being berated in the media for their repugnant sportsmanship in the viewpoint of most cricket fans -- except by the usual suspects: one-eyed nationalists and yobs, have a lot in common with the crew of the three U.S. Navy warships and the aforementioned. On one hand, you have Australian players who are world cricket's worst sledgers, yet find it a moral duty to report the slur of an Indian player. On the other hand, you have a branch of the US military treating the Strait of Hormuz as their favourite daddy's jacuzzi, and when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard naturally threatens them (as disclosed by 'US officials') it is described as a "significant provocative act". Does it remind anyone else of the Gulf of Tonkin incident? Also, this comes at a time of Bush's visit to Israel, which is planning to brief him concerning striking Iran. How would it be if Iran had continually threatened to bomb the US? And the Iranian Revolutionary Guard would be patrolling the waters in the Gulf of Mexico? And then when the US Navy threatened the Iranian fleets over their presence, the Iranian officials described the American response as a "significant provocative act". I think Iran has been extremely patient following threats of nuclear strickes from Israel. And that if Iran had dispatched fleets to toss around on the coast of the US or Israel, it would most likely result in them being blown up one of those lean explosive missiles which liberal democracies use liberally, especially against those Ayn Rand, based on her colonialist moorings, demeaned as "savages", "typically nomads", "primitive" etc. Please can anyone inform me of the number of Iranian warships off the coast of the United States? Who's the bully?