Sunday, October 01, 2006

Brothers of Hate: Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer

Interestingly, an ad caught my eye on the blogs of both the vulgar Islamophobes -- Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer. The link transported me to an eerie anti-Islam movie propaganda site. Undoubtedly the agent of that film had known about the poison the two men routinely spill against Muslims. It openly declares its central theme:
An examination of Islam, violence, and the fate of the non-Muslim world.
Very clever. One rarely hears such nonsense outside the vicinity of neo-Nazi sites like Jihad Watch. How can they talk about the "fate of the non- Muslim world" after the United States has bombed two Muslim countries to the ground, and has already started a propaganda war against the third? How can they talk about the "fate of the non-Muslim world" when the Palestinians live in apartheid? How can they talk about the "fate of the non-Muslim world" as Russia continues its history of genocide in Chechnya, and the Muslims of Bosnia live in fear and poverty? And what about the Muslims all over the world? To makes this statement is not only theologically incorrect but historically rubbish. Muslims have meted out better treatment to Jews and Christians than vice-versa. But the falsehood ran deeper when I investigated further. I will insha'Allah return to this topic with refutations of the lies against Islam outlined in the project. I don't know how they can play this movie in the United States, but maybe it dishes out their global agenda.

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Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum and thanks for doing a great job. I am a muslim and proud about it. Many Thanks to Allah(swt).
There are bad people in every community and muslims are no exception but what robert spencer accuse is very stupid as he says all are jihadist if it would have been the case then there would have been no robert spencer
I mailed him once and asked him why he twist what it has been written in Quran and why he dont write the whole sentence from it rather than just a line or two to present muslims in bad character. and i asked him why he is spreading hate and dont spread love.
but he nerver replied to me.
he is true coward and stupid.
Thanks again Ricks the job you are doing will encourage love and get different communities together.