Tuesday, November 07, 2006

John Howard and Women

…oh, Muslim women…no, Woman herself -- and through such sweet words bestowed on the first:

In an interview marking his 10th anniversary as Prime Minister, Mr Howard also describes the burqa, the full head covering worn by some Muslim women, as "confronting".

Am I to be sure that many Muslim women, indeed all women, find this guy handsome and "appealing" -- the man who by the Nuremburg Tribunal will be considered a war criminal? Not a squeak when bombs dropped by the new and fragmented NATO ripped apart not just the veil but the flesh beneath it in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq on orders from men like him. May be Jack Straw learned some of Howard's sayings? I mean, this was back in February. And the same old diatribes are played out in Australia by weasel-worded politicians. Howard's love for women doesn't end here of course. Take for example women in the Exclusive Brethren sect, the group that campaigned for Howard in the run up to the 2004 elections. It is alright that members of this sect don't vote as per their religious beliefs. It is alright that...

The Exclusive Brethren sect excludes married women from workplaces altogether and single women are forbidden from any job where they have authority over men.

It is alright because they are a Christian sect. Howard said so on 27th September this year: "I have to say that strikes me as what you might call an unorthodox Christian...it strikes me as a little unusual, but that is their right and should be respected." Senator Brown's reaction to the double standards, even attempted by Howard on false grounds, is admirable:

Muslim children in Australia are not prohibited from their basic right to a university education. Apparently this Prime Minister thinks this radical Christian sect is beyond public admonition.

It is noted elsewhere by Senator Bob Brown that Howard blocked an inquiry into this sect which he finances/supports. Muslims, however, should not be respected. It runs contrary to our white supremacist politics and we need O.I.L (Operation Iraqi Liberation). Muslims should not be respected because we're counting on them to win the next election. Malcolm Fraser, a former Australian prime minister, under whom Howard served as "treasurer boy" and who may have been accused of "dhimmitude" in the process by the obnoxious Robert Spencer, hits the bull's eye:

"There are already suggestions that this next election will be a 'Muslim election', as a while ago it was the Tampa election," he said. "It would create a terrible and unnecessary divide between Islam and the rest of the community."

John Howard has rightly been called the most xenophobic leader in Australian history. In my mind, the buck doesn't stop there. Howard merits a number of labels on my list. Perhaps I should make one for "dangerous opportunists", too.


Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for doing a great job. I am a muslim and proud about it. Many Thanks to Allah(swt).
There are bad people in every community and muslims are no exception but what robert spencer accuse is very stupid as he says all are jihadist if it would have been the case then there would have been no robert spencer left...lol.
I mailed him once and asked him why he twist what it has been written in Quran and why he dont write the whole sentence from it rather than just a line or two to present muslims in bad character. and i asked him why he is spreading hate and dont spread love.
but he nerver replied to me.
he is true coward and stupid.
Thanks again Ricks the job you are doing will encourage love and get different communities together.

sindbad said...

Hi and Salaam alaikum,

Thanks a lot for your kind words. I am a Muslim, too. Ricks I think is at the "Watching Jihad Watch" blog. And he is certianly doing great work. I am Sindbad. I'm not surprised about Robert Spencer not replying to your mail. He is indeed a hate-monger and an Islamophobe who has no knowledge of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Liars... Muslim women are garbage in muslim societies. They have no status or value. Worse than any object or animal. That's very convenient for you islamist men.

Whenever someone makes remarks at islam you invoke their lack of knowledge about Quran islam, and that islam is a religion of peace and love. Lies .. all lies.

Anonymous said...

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