Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On "Moderates" and "Extremists"

Since 9/11, we've had various Muslims talking about terrorism and signing petitions against it, which is all good, but the trouble is further expounded when Muslims single themselves out as law-abiding, "moderate" and anti-terrorism against others. Some Muslims on the blogosphere even have the "American Muslims Against Terrorism" logo with stars and stripes. Let's see. You want to say you're against terrorism while wrapping yourself in stars and stripes in the manner of bourgeois intellectual Salman Rushdie on the cover of a French magazine while bombs from your country rip apart innocents. Your overbearing silence puts you in league with the Muslims on the other end who chant from the Qur'an and praise Osama bin Laden. The only reason you are comfortable with that logo is because power rests there...the mainstream media is on that side, and you shall be tipped by the masters for your patriotism around state terror and apology around terror from co-religionists. Why not stand up and condemn state terror alongside terror inflicted by Muslims? Contrary to what is said, that will make you a better Muslim. Do away with labels like "moderates" and "extremists", which while may make you rest easy will harm other people just because they they don't share a similar enthusiasm for presenting themselves as "moderate" Muslims.

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